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An orthodontist is a specialist in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of dental and facial irregularities. All orthodontists must first train as dentists, then complete an additional two or three years of post-graduate work in orthodontics (tooth movement) and dentofacial orthopaedics (facial growth and modification). Each of your Smile Team orthodontists has at least eight years of formal university training, and many of them have additional training as well.

Dr Joe Geenty 

Dr Joe Geenty

Dr Joe Geenty’s first step into the dental world was in 1975 when he graduated with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) from Otago University in New Zealand. Since then, his career has gone from strength to strength. He spent two years as a Dental Registrar at a provincial hospital before returning to Otago to begin his postgraduate training in orthodontics. 

Luckily for us, Dr Geenty made the move to Australia and started his practice in Wollongong in 1981. In 1985, he was appointed part-time Clinical Associate in Orthodontics at Westmead Hospital and in 1993, a Senior Clinical Associate at the University of Sydney. 

He has had several original articles published in scientific journals and he regularly lectures to orthodontists and dentists in Australia and overseas. He was the President of the NSW Branch of the Australian Society of Orthodontists in 1999 and 2000. 

As if he wasn’t busy enough, in 2008 Dr Geenty was appointed Clinical Senior Lecturer at the University of Sydney and spends two days a month teaching the orthodontists of tomorrow. 

When asked why he has such a strong drive for his passion, he says it’s the fact that orthodontics can make such a difference for people, and he loves nothing more than seeing the effect that difference can have. 

Not just a brilliant orthodontist, Dr Geenty keeps fit through his other passion, running. Much like everything he does, he has excelled and regularly competes in both 10km and half marathon events in the Wollongong area where he lives with his wife.

Dr Henry Ho

Dr Henry Ho

Dr Henry Ho is another wonderful addition to Smile Team Orthodontics, who started his orthodontic journey at the University of Otago in New Zealand, where he completed his Bachelor of Dental Surgery, before working at a private general practice in Auckland. Following this, he nobly served in the New Zealand Defence Force as a Dental Officer for three years.

Fortunately for Smile Team, he migrated to Australia to begin his postgraduate training in Orthodontics at the University of Adelaide, where he received Doctor of Clinical Dentistry (Orthodontics). Dr Henry is a member of the Royal Australian College of Dental Surgeons and the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (Orthodontics). 

His passion for putting a beautiful smile on people’s faces has led him to lecture at various professional meetings and international conferences, as well as being an invited speaker at the recent conference of the World Federation of Orthodontists. Henry tells us that his drive to share his knowledge could have led to a very different profession altogether - teaching! 

Outside of the clinic, our favourite fact about Henry is that he’s a certified ten-pin bowling coach and regularly participates in competitions, so he’s basically a pro at everything he tries. 

Despite his qualifications, his one major goal is to be happy at work all the time, and he’s certainly a positive force in the clinic!

Professor M. Ali Darendeliler

Professor M. Ali Darendeliler

When it comes to Professor Darendeliler’s career, it’s safe to say it has been truly international. After receiving his undergraduate degree in Dentistry from the University of Istanbul, Turkey, he enrolled at the University of Geneva, Switzerland. It was here that he obtained his first orthodontics training before heading to the University of Gazi, Ankara to complete his PhD. As if he wasn’t busy enough, this was the same year he received the title of Orthodontic Specialist. 

Professor Darendeliler didn’t just study to get to where he is today, he studied extremely hard. This has been recognised at various points throughout his career, firstly when he received the title of Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1990-1991. 

After being appointed Research and Postgraduate Director at the University of Geneva in 1993, Professor Darendeliler spent six months at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles as a Research Professor in 1995. 

In 1995, when he was awarded a University Docent (Reader) title by the “High Education Council” in Ankara, Turkey. This title was then awarded to him 3 years prior by the University of Geneva. 

Professor Darendeliler has been a Professor of Orthodontics since 1997, giving him a wealth of experience which his patients feel the benefits of everyday. It won’t surprise you that his expertise has led him to lecture across the world in almost every continent - Europe, North and South America, Asia, Australia and the Middle East.

Dr Peter Hoang

Dr Peter Hoang

Dr Hoang is a passionate Specialist Orthodontist, with two favourite aspects of his job. The first being the transformational quality that orthodontic treatment can have and seeing people’s reactions when they see the results of the process.

Creating a beautiful smile for someone usually means they use it more! His other favourite aspect is helping treat obstructive sleep apnoea with orthodontic treatment. The effect disrupted sleep can have on someone’s health and wellbeing can be drastic. Dr Hoang particularly loves being able to help repair the situation in a local multidisciplinary team, collaborating with ENTs, dentists, sleep physicians and sleep psychologists.

Dr Peter was born and raised in Sydney, where he attended Fort Street High School. After completing high school, he travelled to Adelaide to complete his degree in Dentistry. Peter returned to Sydney to work in private practice and to tutor oral surgery students at the University of Sydney.

A pivotal figure in Dr Hoang’s career was Smile Team’s Dr Joe Geenty, who taught him his Long Orthodontic Course at the University of Sydney. It was Dr Geenty that encouraged him to become an orthodontist. Dr Hoang then went on to become a fellow of the Royal Australian College of Dental Surgeons by examination, completed a Masters in Philosophy and a research degree on orthodontic miniscrews. Peter then went on to complete his specialist’s degree: Doctor of Clinical Dentistry in Orthodontics at the University of Sydney. Dr Hoang has again returned to teaching at the University, this time teaching the next generation of Orthodontists at the University of Sydney.

His hobbies include entertaining his young children and playing video games. At Smile Team, we’re so lucky to call him a member of the team, and he is hugely valued by his patients.

His achievements include BDS (Adelaide), FRACDS, MPhil (Dent Sydney), DClinDent (Orthodontics Sydney), MOrtho RCS (Edin), MRACDS (Ortho).

Dr Emmanuel Chan

Dr Emmanuel Chan

Born and raised in Sydney, Dr Emmanuel Chan started his education at Normanhurst Boys’ High School before relocating to South Australia to pursue Dentistry. It was here, at the University of Adelaide that he graduated concurrently with both Bachelor of Dental Surgery and Bachelor of Science in Dentistry with First Class Honours. 

With this impressive achievement under his professional belt, he moved back to Sydney and worked as a general dentist within a private practice. It was at this time that he identified his keen interest in orthodontics. When asked, he says he was attracted to the field due to the big and meaningful impact treatment can have on someone’s life, and it involves careful planning and problem solving. 

His passion led him to undergo specialist training at the University of Sydney, which resulted in him receiving his Doctor of Clinical Dentistry in Orthodontics. This turned out to be the right path for him, as in his final year his excellent work was recognised when he was awarded the Australian Begg Society of Orthodontists Award for Best Postgraduate Clinical Case. 

Furthermore, he has been awarded Membership to the Royal Australian College of Dental Surgeons. 

For Dr Emmanuel, it’s all about the orthodontist-patient relationship. Being able to make a significant and positive change in someone’s life and building a relationship with the client over the course of treatment is a huge reason why he comes to work everyday with a smile on his face. 

In his free time, he enjoys spending time with family and friends, playing piano and learning guitar. In another life he may have been a song writer! He also likes keeping active with tennis and basketball, which helps keep his mind razor sharp in the clinic.

Dr Jessica Li

Dr Jessica Li

Experiencing the effects that braces had on her quality of life meant going into Orthodontics was a personal decision for Dr Jessica Li. The positive change she felt after undergoing treatment firsthand led her to complete a Bachelor of Dental Surgery with Distinction at the University of Otago. She then relocated to Australia where she worked as a general dentist for three years, before specialising in her passion, Orthodontics. 

She undertook her specialist training at the University of Sydney and was awarded the Doctor of Clinical Dentistry in Orthodontics. In her final year of study, the Australian Orthodontic Board awarded her the Best Postgraduate Clinical Case. With such a sharp mind, it probably doesn’t surprise you that she is bilingual, being fluent in both English and Mandarin. 

Dr Jessica is committed to further education, and makes it her mission to be abreast of any shifts in the world of orthodontics. She regularly attends dental conferences locally and around the world, which keeps her at the top of her game to continue creating beautiful smiles for her patients. 

She has been awarded Membership to the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons and is currently a member of the Australian Society of Orthodontists and the Australian Orthodontic Board. 

Apart from her passion for orthodontics, Jessica throws herself into everything she does, and always gives things 110%. She loves to travel and explore nature through bushwalking. When she’s not putting a smile on people’s faces in the clinic, she is helping out and connecting with her local community.

Dr Jessica Yeo

Dr Jessica Yeo

Since studying in Queensland, Dr Jessica Yeo has headed South and joined Smile Team as a highly valued orthodontist. 

Dr Jessica’s career lightbulb moment came after undergoing orthodontic treatment and orthognathic jaw surgery herself. The experience was completely transformational for her, and from then on she was hooked on the power orthodontics can have on people’s day-to-day lives. The skill and expertise of her incredible orthodontist and oral and maxillofacial surgeon team served as inspiration for her future goals, and were probably a key influence on her incredible work ethic. 

Her qualifications are nothing short of extremely impressive with her gaining BOHDSc, GDipDent, DClinDent (Ortho), MRACDS (Ortho). For Dr Jessica, it’s not just about the smiles, it’s the people behind them. Seeing her patients excited to come back time and time again for their appointments, and seeing their huge grins at the end of their journey is what makes her love her job a little more each time.

If she wasn’t an orthodontist, it’s likely she’d be focusing on her passion for fashion and be the CEO of her own empire. Luckily for us she chose a different path and Smile Team patients get to feel the benefits of her extreme skill and expertise everyday.

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