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Teen Orthodontist

The teenage years are a time of personal, physical and academic growth. Because the bones and jaw of a teenager are still growing, this is an excellent time to guide the bite into proper alignment and to straighten teeth.

Getting started

Straightening your teen's teeth and improving their smile can do wonders for their self-confidence during a particularly difficult time of adolescence. However, just the mention of 'braces' can have even the hardiest of teens running for the hills. However, that was before the advent of discreet orthodontic options.

These days, teenagers don't have to worry about what they'll look like with braces on because the majority of people they interact with probably won't even know they're having treatment.

  • Teen orthodontic treatment
  • Teen orthodontic treatment
  • Teen orthodontic treatment

Invisalign for teens

At Smile Team Orthodontics, one of our most popular orthodontic treatment options for teenagers is Invisalign. These clear, plastic aligners include a blue dot wear indicator to help teens - and parents - keep track of the number of hours the aligners are being worn. Teen patients also receive up to six spare sets of the aligners in the event of them being misplaced, lost or damaged. 

The greatest benefits of Invisalign though are:

  • The aligners are virtually invisible, so teens won't need to feel self-conscious about wearing them
  • They're removable, so can be taken out for sports, playing musical instruments and attending significant events in a teen's diary, such as a school prom! 

Discreet treatment options

Invisalign isn't the only discreet treatment option we have available for teens at Smile Team Orthodontics. Our range of clear, ceramic and lingual braces will also ensure attention isn't drawn to treatment but will still get results your teen won't be able to stop smiling about.

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