Deciding whether or not you need braces could be a big decision. However, Smile Team Orthodontics is here to help make it a little easier.

Thanks to today’s orthodontic treatments and techniques, more people than ever are wearing braces.

While there are some signs you can look for at home, it’s always best to have a consultation with an orthodontic professional when it comes to braces. At Smile Team Orthodontic, we recommend braces for more than just aesthetic reasons.

In fact, while braces could significantly enhance your overall appearance, the most important function revolves around improving your dental health and correcting your bites. Hence why it is so important for you to speak to one of our Treatment Consultants or Orthodontists for the best advice.

How do you know if you need braces?

When determining if children need braces, there are certain signs to look for. These signs include things like crooked or crowded teeth, a large overbite or underbite, crossbites, and jaw asymmetries. Early or late loss of baby teeth can also indicate a need for braces. Simple habits like thumb sucking and breathing through the mouth are also early signs that a child may need braces or other sort of orthodontic treatments.

For adults, signs that you need braces are, of course, teeth that are visibly crooked or crowded. Further signs can include difficulty when flossing and brushing around crooked teeth. Behaviours like biting your tongue or cutting your tongue on your teeth are also signs that you need braces.

How long are braces treatments?

The length of braces treatment varies and will depend on the complexity of each case.

During your initial consultation with an orthodontist or Treatment Consultant at Smile Team, we will access your teeth and provide a comprehensive treatment plan for you.

What is the right age for braces?

The best age for getting braces varies from person to person. In most cases for children, it’s best to get braces only when permanent teeth have broken through. This usually happens between the ages of 9 and 14. Although in some cases partial braces may be used when baby teeth remain to help adult teeth grow into their best position.

On the other end of the spectrum, you’re never too old for braces. This is because as we age, our facial structures change, which can cause an increased appearance of crowding or even narrowing of teeth in adulthood.

How Smile Team Orthodontics Can Help

Smile Team Orthodontics has a team of specialist orthodontists who can help you on your journey with braces. If you are unhappy with the way your teeth look or you have noticed some telltale signs that come with needing braces, we are here to help. Of course, with regular appointments from a young age, we can also advise on the potential need for braces fairly early on.
With practices located in Wollongong, Shellharbour, Southern Highlands and Parramatta, it’s easier than ever to book an assessment with a qualified orthodontist from Smile Team Orthodontics.