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Teen Orthodontist

Teen braces from a highly-skilled team

All our teen braces are fitted by a highly-skilled team of orthodontists at Smile Team. Every team member is trained and experienced at helping your teenager choose the right type of fitting for their needs. Whether they’re looking for standard metal braces or they’d rather have Invisalign, we have something for you.

Teen braces from a highly-skilled team

We have lots of experience in fitting braces for teens, so we know they usually want the most discreet option available. Because of this, we offer the following types of teen orthodontic treatments:


Invisalign® is the most subtle teeth straightening option available, so it’s popular with teens and young adults. A series of almost-invisible plastic aligners slowly correct teeth placement, and can be removed for eating or cleaning.

*This product is not available for purchase by the general public. Always follow the directions for use.

Teen orthodontics

Lingual braces

Lingual braces rest on the back of your teen's teeth, facing the inside of their mouth. This makes them as popular as Invisalign, as they tick the discretion box. The specialists at Smile Team have had the specialised training required to fit lingual braces for teens.  

Clear braces

Clear braces, also known as ceramic braces. They work just like standard metal braces, but they have a tooth-like colour, which makes them much more subtle. They are highly effective at fixing various types of misalignment.

Clear braces

Standard metal braces

Standard metal braces and brackets fixed to teeth apply consistent pressure to pull teeth back into proper alignment. We encourage our teenage patients to choose their favourite colours for their braces to make them less of a chore. 

The type of braces your teen chooses will depend on several factors, and we take considerations such as budget, the braces’ capabilities and your teen’s wishes into consideration. Rest assured, all our teen orthodontic treatments are based on sound clinical judgement.

Why choose Smile Team for teen orthodontics?

When you choose Smile Team for teen orthodontics, your teenager will benefit from first-class facilities and friendly, professional staff at our clinics throughout our various locations. We have plenty of experience in treating teenagers and we aim to make them – and you – happy.

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Teen orthodontics

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