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Invisalign is a method of straightening teeth without brackets or wires. The aligners are made of clear plastic and look similar to teeth whitening trays or thin sports mouthguards. These aligners fit snugly against your teeth and are completely removable. Each set of aligners is worn for two weeks. After two weeks, you simply remove it and replace it with the next set in your custom-made series.

Five benefits of Invisalign

  1. Virtually invisible: One of the best features of Invisalign is the aligners are virtually invisible. This makes them an excellent option for people who are concerned about their appearance during orthodontic treatment.
  2. Completely removable: Another attractive feature of Invisalign is the aligners are completely removable, which means you can eat and drink as usual. There is no bracket bonded to your teeth as with traditional braces, which also makes brushing and flossing easier too! You can even remove your aligners for a few hours during a special occasion when you want to look your best, but it is important to wear them for at least 23 hours a day for best results. 

  3. Comfortable: Clients generally say Invisalign aligners are quite comfortable to wear. And, because there are no metal wires or brackets, there is no irritation to your cheeks and gums either.
  4. Shorter treatment time: While treatment times vary based on specific orthodontic needs, the average treatment time with Invisalign is just 14 months. 
  5. Custom-designed aligners: Align Technology, the manufacturer of Invisalign, will create a customised series of aligners just for you. First, we collect data about your teeth and your bite (digital photographs, digital x-rays and impressions for digital study models), then we design a treatment plan based on the final desired position of your teeth. We send all of this information to Align Technology, where advanced 3D computer imaging and manufacturing is used to create your aligners. Each aligner is custom-designed to exert pressure on certain teeth at a specific time in your treatment. The number of aligners varies and will depend on your specific needs, but the average number of aligners in a series is 24.



What is Invisalign

Representing the latest in orthodontic technology, Invisalign is a virtually invisible treatment process that aligns and straightens teeth. Extremely popular with teenagers and adults, Invisalign allows you to achieve a straighter smile without the appearance of traditional braces.

Smile Team is officially recognised as a Diamond Invisalign provider, which means our orthodontists are among the most experienced Invisalign providers in Australia.

How does Invisalign work?

Invisalign treatments consist of a series of clear, removable plastic aligners that look like teeth whitening trays or thin sports mouthguards. Custom-made to fit snugly against your teeth, each aligner is worn for at least 22 hours a day, gradually guiding your teeth into the desired position. After two weeks, you swap out one aligner for the next one and repeat the process.

Why choose Invisalign?

The majority of our Invisalign patients choose this innovative orthodontic treatment due to its discreet, virtually invisible appearance. But there are other benefits, too.

It is easier to keep your teeth clean with Invisalign

To keep your teeth clean, all you have to do is remove the aligners and you can brush without any interference. This is a good option for people prone to gum disease and or tooth decay.

Invisalign uses high-tech processes

At Smile Team, we take advantage of the latest in orthodontic technology to deliver a truly personalised, extremely effective teeth straightening treatment.

To begin, our specialists collect data via photographs, digital x-rays, and impressions of your teeth and we design a results-focused treatment plan based on the desired alignment. We then send all this information to Align Technology, where advanced 3D computer imaging and manufacturing is used to create your aligners. This process allows us to visualise the desired result to a very high degree of accuracy.

Invisalign is completely removable

You can remove your aligners quickly and easily, allowing you to enjoy eating and drinking as normal and maintain your usual dental hygiene regimen. You can even remove them for a special occasion. Keep in mind, however, that the best results are achieved when aligners are worn for a minimum of 22 hours a day.

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Invisalign aligners are a registered medical device, you should always read and follow the label and the instructions of your treating orthodontist.

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