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When you're asking yourself “Where can I find an orthodontist near me?” there are two main things to look out for: excellent service and modern facilities.

Smile Team has four conveniently located practice clinics in Parramatta, Southern Highlands, Shellharbour, and Wollongong. We pride ourselves to be the best orthodontists in your area; we're a forward-thinking team that uses the latest techniques to deliver amazing smiles to patients we genuinely care about.

How can I find an orthodontist near me?

The best way to find the right orthodontist near you is to look at who practices in your local area, then check the services they're offering and whether they match your ideal dental outcomes. In Parramatta, Southern Highlands, Shellharbour and Wollongong, Smile Team orthodontists use the latest techniques and technology to help their patients achieve results they love. With solutions from traditional metal braces through to Invisalign, we have expertise in a wide range of treatments and we explore all options to match our patients' unique needs.

Finding an orthodontist you feel comfortable with

When someone asks "Who's the best orthodontist near me?" they're not only looking for an experienced professional but also one they feel comfortable with. How comfortable you feel with that professional may depend on your age. At Smile Team, we treat both adults and children, which means we are well versed at putting patients of all ages at ease.

To complement our approachable manner and expertise, we use modern facilities that feature cutting-edge technology. Keeping up with developments in the world of orthodontics allows us to deliver excellent care in all areas of dentistry and orthodontic care. When you choose us, you're choosing a first-class team.

Choosing orthodontists who deliver a convenient service

At Smile Team, we believe our patients shouldn't have to sit around waiting for us. We offer incremental refunds of $25 for each 15 minutes your appointment is delayed on the very rare occasions we're late for your appointment. We also provide onsite parking at each of our locations so you can get to your appointment stress-free.

If you're ready to choose Smile Team, call us on 1800 7 6453 8326 or request an appointment online.

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